Pop the (Peter Pan) Collar

I’ve fallen behind on blogging lately, so it’s time for a little bit of catch up…

Continuing on my recently renewed knitting/crocheting hobby, about two months or so ago, I saw an absolutely adorable photo on Pinterest of a crocheted, lace-looking collar.  Combining my fondness for crocheting, lace, and peter pan collars, I had to try it out!


My first attempt looked as expected, except that when I tried it on, it was much too large.  So, I pulled the whole thing apart and started over.  My second go around turned out much better.  I have to admit though, whether it’s the shape of my shoulders or maybe making the stitches too tight, when I wear the collar, it looks stiff.  It doesn’t lie flat and looks a little funny.


Also, looking at it on, it seems quite wide.  It kind of reminds me of a clown or those Elizabethan accordion/fan collars, none of which is the look I’m going for, haha.  I’m considering going back and taking off the last row, which would size it down considerably.


The easy-to-follow, picture-guided, free pattern for this collar (along with adorable photos) can be found at the blog Lulu Loves.

– – – – –

For reference, I believe I used a starting chain of 68 (+ 5 for the loop + 2 for turning = 75 total), which ended up with a neck opening of ~16 in.

I also wanted to have an interchangeable bow as the center closure instead of a button, which the original pattern has, so I added on a loop to the other side to accommodate that.

  1. It is so pretty:)
    I have aslo tried doing someting like that, it is really fun.

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