Lovin’ Some Loafers

Ever since I crocheted a pair of baby booties, which turned out very cute, I’ve wanted to make some for myself.  Sadly, they don’t look the same when enlarged for an adult sized foot.  However, I found a free pattern for moccasins!  The first one I made was a tad bit small and then I must have overcompensated for the second one, which turned out a little big…  Regardless, I’m happy with how they turned out!

(they look better on – less lumpy – than in the picture)


They were very simple to make and the pattern is easily adjustable for foot size.  For a wider slipper, the “sole” should have a longer starting chain and adjusting each following row to adjust for that. The length is dependent on how many rows you do for the “sole” piece.  For reference, I am a women’s size 8.5-9 with a narrow to average width foot.  I followed the pattern (“sole”) as written for the width and used ~29 rows total.

And instead of making them moccasins, I wanted them to look more like loafers!  So, I skipped the fringe and I added an extra row at the top end of the “upper flap” portion. I also used a contrasting yarn to surface stitch along the top edge and seams.

If you’d like to make these yourself, a link to the PDF download can be found here!

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