My “Project Life”-esque Photo Book

I’m big on taking photos of everything and anything.  However, I never usually develop my photos.  But then on Pinterest I saw so many people doing something called “Project Life” and was inspired.  It’s like a photo book/scrapbook that covers your everyday life.  I’ve tried scrapbooking before, but lost interest after having to buy all of the extra paper, stickers, and accessories to make it look nice.  This time, I decided to do more of a cross between a scrapbook and photo album.  Basically, a fully customized photo book.


vacation cards


I used plastic sheet protectors (usually used for holding baseball cards) to hold my photos.  And for each 2.5″x3.5″ card, I used Photoshop to design them, which I later had developed two per 4″x6″ print.  I love how easily I can edit the cards, try out different designs, and see a finished layout without the need of committing or buying materials beforehand!  Also, I typically squeeze 1-3 photos per card, which allows me to include a lot without having pages and pages of pics.


London Olympics tribute


Making my photo book has become my newest craft obsession!  I decided to start it by covering my summer vacation.  Since I have so many photos, it’s cram packed with them.  It lacks the cool, doodad-covered scrapbook feel and is a bit more cluttered looking…  On the flip side, it’s a pretty (kind of scarily) highly detailed chronicle of my life, haha.


There’s a whole online community of people who are taking part in Project Life and some are nice enough to offer free digital templates and graphics for others to use!  Searching “project life” on Pinterest will bring up many great examples and downloadable card freebies.

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