No Shortage of Shortcake

Recently, my house had a bunch of strawberries lying around so I decided to make strawberry shortcake.  I didn’t have any Bisquick to shortcut on the shortcake, so I used a recipe I found on Joy of Baking.  I’ve used other recipes from this site before and they’ve always turned out well, so I thought I’d give this one a try.


I accidently misread the oven temperature for making the “scones,” but I just cooked them a little longer and they came out fine.  They had a crisp, browned crust but were still soft inside.  I skipped the recipe’s directions for topping and just used Cool Whip straight from the container.  And to finish it off, I added the strawberries coated in sugar. Delicious!

strawberry shortcake

I cut the scone in half to make it look nice and fancy, but all of the fruit and Cool Whip inside just ended up squishing out when trying to stab it with my fork.  Next time, I’m just plopping all of the strawberries and cream on top.  And while I’m at it, who needs a fork either, hehe.

A sweet treat, but no guilt for eating because it contains fruit! 😉

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