Creative, Colorful, Customized Cell

A couple days ago, Apple came out with a new iOS for the iPhone.  Yet, the lack of customizability of the iPhone’s home screen is one of the main reasons I’m an Android-girl. That reminded me though of a photo I had once seen on Pinterest for an app that allows you to customize an iPhone’s icons.  I decided to look up the app on the Google Play store and to my excitement, the icon app (named CocoPPa) is available for both Apple and Android!

my cell phone home screens with original icons

my original cell phone home screens & icons (please excuse the childish wallpaper)

Even better, the app is FREE, highly rated, and also has wallpapers!  There are thousands of the most creative, adorable (kawaii!) icons and wallpapers to choose from.  The worst part is having to choose which ones I like the best to use.

The app is pretty easy to use:

Once you download and launch the app, the following screen (below left) will appear.  If you scroll all the way to the bottom, there will be a search bar that you can type in exactly what you’re looking for (below right).

CocoPPa GUI 1

Your search will bring up a list of related icons (below left).  “Facebook” had over a thousand icons to choose from.  When you find one you like, you just select the icon and select the “set up link” button (below right).

CocoPPa GUI 2

That will bring up a page with 5 buttons letting you choose what type of link you want your icon to be used for (an app, phone number, email address, SMS address, or online bookmark). I choose “Applications.”  That will then let you pick from the apps on your phone, from which you will select the one you want to link to your new icon.

CocoPPa GUI 3

Once you do all of this, the final screen will look like the one above.  If you want to add a light semicircle on the top half of the icon (“gloss”) or rename the icon’s caption, you can do that here.  Then press “Done.”  The new icon will automatically be added to your home screen.

A similar, but simpler, process can be done for changing your wallpaper through this app.

– – – – –

I had a tough time deciding between icons and wallpapers.  Everything was so cute!  Plus, I feel like too many icons on a screen makes it look cluttered and harder to use, so I keep my screens’ icons/widgets sparse.  Therefore, I didn’t get to use many.  I took some screenshots of my final choices.  I liked the bright and colorful floral background, but it made it harder to see the icons.  The simpler yellow zig zag background fixed that, but I felt it was a bit bland.

CocoPPa Floral Wall Paper

CocoPPa Zig Zag Wall Paper

Overall, I love this app!  It’s made my phone much prettier and uniquely me!

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