DIY Cookie Cutters (without metal)

I recently made fancy cupcakes that required me to cut dozens and dozens of shapes out of fondant.  I didn’t have cookie cutters of the right shape or size, so I decided to improvise…


After searching “DIY cookie cutter” online, it turned up many results using some sort of metal, from folding aluminum foil to cutting up an aluminum pan.  None of these methods appealed to me or I didn’t have the necessary tools/materials.  However, my mom told me a coworker of hers suggested using photo paper!


So, I decided to give photo paper a try.  I cut roughly 1-inch strips from a sheet of 8.5″x11″ photo paper and folded them into the desired shapes, finishing them off with a staple or two.


This surprisingly did the job!  Given, the paper/cutter isn’t rigid, so I had to hold the shape as I pressed down to make sure it didn’t deform.  But as far as cutting through the fondant, it worked all right.  The paper didn’t get soggy or smashed.  However, this cookie cutter is definitely not meant to be kept and used again.

I would recommend using this technique if you really need a last minute cookie cutter and don’t have a disposable aluminum pan ready to cut up.  Also, if the shape you’re wanting has simple straight sides, like a square or star, you’re probably better off cutting by hand with a knife, than using this method.

  1. What a great idea!!

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