Lil’ Baby Buzz Lightyear (crocheted)

Right when I saw a photo online of this crocheted little guy, I knew I had to make it!  It’s a baby Buzz Lightyear!

"To infinity & beyond!"

“To Infinity & Beyond!”

It took a lot of different yarn colors (purple, beige, white, green, black, and red) and constant switching between them.  The head/face gave me the most trouble when switching between the purple and beige yarns, mid-row.  There were so many ends hanging out everywhere and the “face” area began to shift as the row alignment shifted.

head/face inside out

head/face inside out

The rest of the body parts were fairly simple in comparison.  Everything starts with a magic circle/magic ring and is worked in rounds, except for the wings.

arms & legs

arms & legs



The directions I followed said to glue on the facial features, but I decided to sew them on.  I used felt for the eyes and mouth, yarn for the eyebrows, and embroidery thread glued on for the chin swirl (goatee?).  I added most of the facial features on before stuffing the head.  I also added a few pennies in each foot, so that it would be bottom heavy.


After all of the pieces were made and stuffed, I sewed the arms, legs, ears, and wings to the body/head piece using their yarn tails.  My finished product came out about 7.5 inches tall.




– – – – –

If you’d like to make this lil’ Buzz Lightyear, detailed instructions and photos can be found at Little Yarn Friends!

And in honor of the Toy Story theme, I’m ending this post with a song!  =D

  1. It turned out great!

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