Made With Code: Customized 3-D Printed Bracelet (freebie!)

My friend turned me onto this cool website called “Made With Code.”  It is a Google sponsored initiative aimed: “To inspire girls by celebrating women and girls who are using code to do great things; to engage girls to try coding through introductory projects and resources; and to sustain their interest by creating alliances and community around girls and coding.” One of their coding projects includes being able to create a customized 3-D printed bracelet for yourself!

Made With Code: creating customized bracelet

Made With Code: creating customized bracelet

I’ve had some experience with computer programing and I usually think of it as writing long lines of code.  But for creating this bracelet, it was incredibly simple.  All you do is drag and drop, pick a color, and type in what you want your bracelet to say. Easy peasy!

I got an error message the first few times I tried to submit my creation, but it eventually went through.  I received a confirmation email and then another one when it was actually shipped.  It took about a month from the time I submitted it to when it arrived at my door.

The love the message behind Made With Code.  And for being free and able to customize the words on a bracelet, this is incredibly cool!  The feel of the bracelet kind of reminds me of those cardboard egg cartons, but harder.  My bracelet reads, “KEEP CALM // CREATE ON”!

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If you’d like to make your own 3-D printed bracelet, hop on over to their website:

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