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Creative, Colorful, Customized Cell

A couple days ago, Apple came out with a new iOS for the iPhone.  Yet, the lack of customizability of the iPhone’s home screen is one of the main reasons I’m an Android-girl. That reminded me though of a photo I had once seen on Pinterest for an app that allows you to customize an iPhone’s icons.  I decided to look up the app on the Google Play store and to my excitement, the icon app (named CocoPPa) is available for both Apple and Android!

my cell phone home screens with original icons

my original cell phone home screens & icons (please excuse the childish wallpaper)

Even better, the app is FREE, highly rated, and also has wallpapers!  There are thousands of the most creative, adorable (kawaii!) icons and wallpapers to choose from.  The worst part is having to choose which ones I like the best to use.

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