Cupcake Dragon

My mom’s friend recently celebrated her birthday with an Asian themed party, so my mom had me make her a cupcake dragon.  It was my first time making a cupcake “sculpture” (I guess that’s what it’d be called), but it turned out pretty well.  Everyone was very enamored by it!


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Creative, Colorful, Customized Cell

A couple days ago, Apple came out with a new iOS for the iPhone.  Yet, the lack of customizability of the iPhone’s home screen is one of the main reasons I’m an Android-girl. That reminded me though of a photo I had once seen on Pinterest for an app that allows you to customize an iPhone’s icons.  I decided to look up the app on the Google Play store and to my excitement, the icon app (named CocoPPa) is available for both Apple and Android!

my cell phone home screens with original icons

my original cell phone home screens & icons (please excuse the childish wallpaper)

Even better, the app is FREE, highly rated, and also has wallpapers!  There are thousands of the most creative, adorable (kawaii!) icons and wallpapers to choose from.  The worst part is having to choose which ones I like the best to use.

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No Shortage of Shortcake

Recently, my house had a bunch of strawberries lying around so I decided to make strawberry shortcake.  I didn’t have any Bisquick to shortcut on the shortcake, so I used a recipe I found on Joy of Baking.  I’ve used other recipes from this site before and they’ve always turned out well, so I thought I’d give this one a try.


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Top of the A-Line Skirt

Spring has sprung, the weather is warming, and summer is fast approaching!  Everything seems more colorful and vibrant!  Recently, I was perusing through a fabric shop when an interesting patterned fabric caught my eye.  I guess I would describe it as an Aztec or tribal print, which I don’t usually wear, but I thought it’d be nice for spring/summer.


I decided to make an A-lined skirt.  This was a big time for firsts for me: the first time I made a skirt, made a lining, and sewn with a fabric that required matching the pattern at the seams.

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My “Project Life”-esque Photo Book

I’m big on taking photos of everything and anything.  However, I never usually develop my photos.  But then on Pinterest I saw so many people doing something called “Project Life” and was inspired.  It’s like a photo book/scrapbook that covers your everyday life.  I’ve tried scrapbooking before, but lost interest after having to buy all of the extra paper, stickers, and accessories to make it look nice.  This time, I decided to do more of a cross between a scrapbook and photo album.  Basically, a fully customized photo book.


vacation cards

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My Mini Mascots

A while ago, I came across the cutest photos of tiny felt objects.  I looked up how to make them and discovered a whole new type of craft.  I should have known that something so adorable would be a Japanese creation.  They’re referred to as felt mascots.


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Canvas Creation

I’ve been in a crafting dry spell for a while now, but I wanted to get blogging again.  So I’m posting about something I made for my parents for Christmas.

I’ve seen so many pins in the “DIY & Crafts” section on Pinterest about DIY canvas prints.  I’ve always thought canvas prints were a cool alternative to regular photo frames.  Since getting a professional canvas print can be pretty expensive, I wanted to make my own.


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