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Baby, it’s cold outside!

So it’s finally winter and plenty cold outside.  And what better way to stay warm than with a scarf!  I recently found a really pretty, soft blue yarn and got it for 50% off with a Michaels coupon!  Besides getting things on sale/for free, I also love lacy things and I found a beautiful (free!) pattern from the blog A Spoonful of Sugar.


Honestly, it’s been a few years since I last knitted.  I tried following the pattern, but managed to get confused.  After starting over twice, I decided to do it visually, based on the pictures.  It all worked out in the end!  I also sewed on two buttons to create an optional infinity scarf look.  The button placement turned out a little odd, but I’m too lazy to redo them.  And since the scarf has holes everywhere, I can put the buttons through any of them to create different looks or to keep the scarf in place!  Overall, it’s not too shabby!

– Happy Holidays and keep warm!