Made With Code: Customized 3-D Printed Bracelet (freebie!)

My friend turned me onto this cool website called “Made With Code.”  It is a Google sponsored initiative aimed: “To inspire girls by celebrating women and girls who are using code to do great things; to engage girls to try coding through introductory projects and resources; and to sustain their interest by creating alliances and community around girls and coding.” One of their coding projects includes being able to create a customized 3-D printed bracelet for yourself!

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Italy: Photo Blog (pt.3 – Rome)

The third and final city I visited was Rome (aka: Roma).  There was so much to see and experience in Italy’s capital!  It was a mixture of historic monuments and big city modernism.

Rome Cover Photo

Unfortunately, a lot of the cool things I got to see in Italy were in places where photos are not allowed.  You wouldn’t be able to tell from my photos, but I actually spent a lot of time in museums.  Yet, I still managed to take about 1,800 photos in Rome alone, over the course of four days…

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Italy: Photo Blog (pt.2 – Florence)

Florence Cover Photo

The second city I visited in Italy was Florence (aka: Firenze).  Florence is a region of Tuscany, a region of great history, wine, and leather!

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Italy: Photo Blog (pt.1 – Venice)

I just got back from a trip to Italy and can hardly believe I stood amongst such iconic and historic sites.  The architecture was amazing and the works of art were absolutely breathtaking!

Venice Cover Photo

Although this isn’t my usual crafting post, I thought I’d share some of the beauty and interesting sites I experienced and tried to capture through photography.  I visited three cities: Venice, Florence, and Rome.  I’ll be writing a post for each city, starting here with Venice (aka: Venezia), the city of water!

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Flower Cupcakes ❀❧

With summer coming to an end and a friend’s birthday happening, it was another excuse to make and decorate cupcakes!  Thus, happy and fun cupcakes, a.k.a. Flower Cupcakes!

flower cupcakes  =D

flower cupcakes  =D

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Lil’ Baby Buzz Lightyear (crocheted)

Right when I saw a photo online of this crocheted little guy, I knew I had to make it!  It’s a baby Buzz Lightyear!

"To infinity & beyond!"

“To Infinity & Beyond!”

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DIY Cookie Cutters (without metal)

I recently made fancy cupcakes that required me to cut dozens and dozens of shapes out of fondant.  I didn’t have cookie cutters of the right shape or size, so I decided to improvise…


After searching “DIY cookie cutter” online, it turned up many results using some sort of metal, from folding aluminum foil to cutting up an aluminum pan.  None of these methods appealed to me or I didn’t have the necessary tools/materials.  However, my mom told me a coworker of hers suggested using photo paper!

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